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Vignec. Wiloc has opened his shop for construction and gardening.

When you know the density of housing and houses in the upper Aure valley without forgetting the numerous building sites, you can understand why Sébastien, a mechanic by trade, had the idea of setting up on his own and creating Wiloc. After 25 years of working at the Piau station as a workshop manager, his know-how was known to everyone and word of mouth quickly spread. At the end of 2017, he started repairing various machines, in parallel with his work at the station, in a very small room lent by the ATTM to Vignec. He soon realised that he was responding to a real need. At the end of 2018, he had too much work and he resigned from Piau to devote himself solely to his new activity. With his wife Nathalie, they therefore decide to invest initially in a truck and a shovel. The park will gradually expand with gondolas, tillers, chainsaws, pruners … etc… In this functional store, Nathalie and Sébastien try to respond to the diversity of requests, and they all find new or second-hand tools for wood and forestry, breakdown service for construction, motorcycles, tools and screws and various complementary products such as work clothes, gloves and even a department for the youngest with power shovels and toy tractors! Their shop is well worth a visit: to start with, it is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12.30pm and Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. But as their policy is to respond to customer demand, these hours may also change.

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Debs Myers, 21, gentle builder

Debs is a gentle builder who finds it hard to trust people. She usually wears a bullet-proof vest. Her top quality is that she is particularly brave. She has been wrongly accused of committing fraud.
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