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In Ecuador, a colony of frogs to save them from extinction

San Rafael (Ecuador) (AFP) - Global warming is weakening frogs, to such an extent that scientists feared that certain species would disappear from the surface of the planet, until the creation in Ecuador of an arch where a wide variety of batrachians have found refuge.

In glass or plastic boxes, on plant litter, stones or in water depending on the needs of each species, the Jambatu Center allows the reproduction in captivity of 34 varieties of frogs.

Their populations have declined dramatically due to rising temperatures and variations in humidity, but this research institute, founded in 2011, has vast gardens and interconnected rooms in which researchers have reproduced different climates.

"The dream is that these animals come back.They have disappeared from the national parks.It is a maximum alert.If an animal dies in a national park, it means that we are doing something wrong.And that something , it's climate change, ”laments Luis Coloma, director of the center.

Among the Gastrotheca and Dendrobatidae, stands out the Atelopus ignescens or black jambato, which abounded in particular in the paramos (humid moors of the Andes) and returned from the dead.

- A ghost in freedom -

After three decades of supposed extinction, it has reappeared and is today the first ark host to live in freedom.

Four specimens of this species, of which the female, larger than the male, measures 42.5 millimeters, left the refuge of the laboratory for the gardens of the institute, in San Rafael, near Quito.

There, the researchers are conducting groundbreaking pre-adaptation trials, which AFP has been able to attend, to assess the reactions of frogs to predators, diseases and variations in climate, before reintroduction into their natural habitat.

Posted Date: 2020-12-07

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