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In Angola, the perilous quest for oil on the high seas

Heading west, towards the depths of the ocean.Off the Angolan coast, Total inaugurated a new oil field called “Kaombo” on November 10.With reserves estimated at 658 million barrels, the project, at a cost of 16 billion dollars (14 billion euros), looks particularly promising for the "major".Ultimately, it will consist of two floating production and storage units (Floating Production Storage and Offloading, or FPSO) and will exploit 800 square kilometers of seabed - eight times the surface of Paris.

The first FPSO, resulting from the conversion of an oil tanker into a floating plant and called "Kaombo Norte", actually started production at the end of July.It should reach its cruising speed of 115,000 barrels per day within a few weeks.About twenty kilometers away, it will be joined in the summer of 2019 by “Kaombo Sul”, currently being completed in Singapore, whose production objectives will be identical, but on different fields.

"With the second FPSO, we will enter the normal production phase for about twenty years," explains André Goffart, Technical and Development Director at Total.In the field of exploration, deep offshore ["deep offshore"] , which represents 20% of the company's production, is growing because there are still resources to be found on the African coasts, such as in Nigeria or the Congo.For Angola, it's a race against time, with black gold accounting for 95% of its exports.

Between Total and this country located in the southwest of the African continent, ranked second in sub-Saharan Africa's oil producer behind Nigeria, economic ties are strong and long-standing.The company launched its exploration activity there in 1953."Total is today a leading player, since it is the first oil operator in the country, even welcomes Olivier Jouny, Managing Director of Total in Angola.We provide 40% of the country's production, or around 15% of the GDP.[gross domestic product].The Portuguese-speaking country, populated by 29 million inhabitants, provides 10% of the company's oil production.

Posted Date: 2021-01-08

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